Radio Brew: We Need A Million Innovations To Grow

16 Nov

“Solutions must fit constrained resources-which one generally calls jugaad. We need a million jugaads, everywhere there has to be an appropriate solution. What we have to do is enable these jugaads to happen quickly; become more widespread so that the benefits of innovation or jugaad are happening all over…..”

Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission and National Innovation Council

This podcast is the next in a series of conversations with thought leaders on the issues and institutions that matter to us as a democracy with increasing global clout.

A great believer in enabling social inclusion and innovation from the ground up, Arun Maira, a member of the Sam Pitroda led National Innovation  Council, speaks to Radio Brew to share his views on what the government and private enterprise must do to reward home grown solutions or jugaad.

The topic of this podcast has special significance for us at The PRactice. The firm partners with the Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation and ThinkChange India in asking leading practitioners, thought leaders and investors “what will it take for social impact to reach India-size scale?”

We need to have many more such common platforms, Mr Maira believes, where stakeholders – government, local innovators, social enterprise, NGOs and media  – come together to debate and reward the most deserving innovations that create social impact and drive the Indian economy.

Hear the man himself, as he shares his views on why rewards, and not subsidies, should be used to boost the productivity of those struggling to make ends meet and ultimately handle the growing needs of the Indian populace and economy.

Do listen in and tell us what you think.

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